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Subparts A-E [Reserved]

Subpart F—Availability of Information

Source: 61 FR 32645, June 25, 1996, unless otherwise noted.

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§2018.251   General statement.

In keeping with the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), the policy of Rural Development and its component agencies, Rural Housing Service (RHS), Rural Utilities Service (RUS), and Rural Business-Cooperative Service (RBS), governing access to information is one of nearly total availability, limited only by the countervailing policies recognized by the FOIA.

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§2018.252   Public inspection and copying.

Facilities for inspection and copying are provided by the Freedom of Information Officer (FOIO) in the National Office, by the State Director in each State Office, by the Rural Development Manager (formerly, District Director) in each District Office, and by the Community Development Manager (formerly, County Supervisor) in each County Office. A person requesting information may inspect such materials and, upon payment of applicable fees, obtain copies. Material may be reviewed during regular business hours. If any of the Rural Development materials requested are not located at the office to which the request was made, the request will be referred to the office where such materials are available.

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§2018.253   Indexes.

Since Rural Development does not maintain any materials to which 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2) applies, it maintains no indexes.

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§2018.254   Requests for records.

Requests for records are to be submitted in accordance with 7 CFR 1.3 and may be made to the appropriate Community Development Manager, Rural Development Manager, State Administrative Management Program Director (formerly, State Administrative Officer), State Director, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Specialist, or Freedom of Information Officer. The last two positions are located in the Rural Development Support Services Division, Washington, DC 20250. The phrase “FOIA REQUEST” should appear on the outside of the envelope in capital letters. The FOIA requests under the Farm Credit Programs (formally FmHA Farmer Programs) should be forwarded to the Farm Service Agency (FSA), Freedom of Information Officer, Room 3624, South Agriculture Building, 14th & Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 20250-0506. Requests should be as specific as possible in describing the records being requested. The FOIO, Freedom of Information/Privacy Act Specialist, each State Administrative Management Program Director, each State Director, each Rural Development Manager, and each Community Development Manager are delegated authority to act respectively at the national, state, district, or county level on behalf of Rural Development to:

(a) Deny requests for records determined to be exempt under one or more provisions of 5 U.S.C. 552(b);

(b) Make discretionary releases (unless prohibited by other authority) of such records when it is determined that the public interests in disclosure outweigh the public and/or private ones in withholding; and

(c) Reduce or waive fees to be charged where determined to be appropriate.

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§2018.255   Appeals.

If all or any part of an initial request is denied, it may be appealed in accordance with 7 CFR 1.7 to that particular Agency possessing the documents. Please select the appropriate Agency to forward your FOIA appeal from the following addresses: Administrator, Rural Housing Service, Room 5014, AG Box 0701, 14th & Independence Avenue, SW.—South Building, Washington, DC 20250-0701; Administrator, Rural Business-Cooperative Service, Room 5045, AG Box 3201, 14th & Independence Avenue, SW.—South Building, Washington, DC 20250-3201 and Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, Room 4501, AG Box 1510, 14th & Independence Avenue, SW.—South Building, Washington, DC 20250-1510. The phrase “FOIA APPEAL” should appear on the front of the envelope in capital letters.

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§§2018.256-2018.300   [Reserved]