Title 5 Part 630 → Subpart J → §630.1003

Title 5 → Chapter I → Subchapter B → Part 630 → Subpart J → §630.1003

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Title 5 Part 630 → Subpart J → §630.1003

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Title 5Chapter ISubchapter BPart 630Subpart J → §630.1003

Title 5: Administrative Personnel
Subpart J—Voluntary Leave Bank Program

§630.1003   Establishing leave banks and leave bank boards.

(a) Each agency that participates in the voluntary leave bank program shall, in accordance with this subpart—

(1) Develop written policies and procedures for establishing and administering leave banks and leave bank boards;

(2) Establish one or more leave bank boards to perform the duties authorized by this subpart; and

(3) Establish and begin operating one or more leave banks.

(b) No more than one leave bank board may be established for each leave bank.

(c) Each leave bank board shall consist of three members. At least one member shall represent a labor organization or employee group.

(d) Each leave bank board shall—

(1) Establish its internal decision-making procedures;

(2) Review and approve or disapprove each application to become a leave contributor under §630.1004 and a leave recipient under §§630.1006 and 630.1007;

(3) Monitor the status of each leave recipient's medical emergency;

(4) Monitor the amount of leave in the leave bank and the number of applications to become a leave recipient;

(5) Maintain an adequate amount of annual leave in the leave bank to the greatest extent practicable in accordance with §630.1004; and

(6) Perform other functions prescribed in this subpart.

(e) Annual leave may not be borrowed, contributed, or otherwise transferred between leave banks.