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Title 1 Part 603 → §603.6

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Title 1Chapter VIPart 603 → §603.6

Title 1: General Provisions

§603.6   System of Records Notice or SORN.

(a) The NCPC shall publish a notice in the Federal Register describing each System of Records 40-days prior to the establishment of a new or revision to an existing System of Records.

(b) The SORN shall include:

(1) The name and location of the System of Records. The name shall identify the general purpose, and the location shall include whether the system is located on the NCPC's main server or central files. The physical address of either shall also be included.

(2) The categories or types of Individuals on whom NCPC Maintains Records in the System of Records;

(3) The categories or types of Records in the System;

(4) The statutory or Executive Order authority for Maintenance of the System;

(5) The purpose(s) or explanation of why the NCPC collects the particular Records including identification of all internal and routine uses;

(6) The policies and practices of the NCPC regarding storage, retrieval, access controls, retention and disposal of Records;

(7) The title and business address of the agency official responsible for the identified System of Records;

(8) The NCPC procedures for notification to an Individual who requests if a System of Records contains a Record about the Individual; and

(9) The NCPC sources of Records in the System.