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Title 1 Part 603 → §603.13

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Title 1: General Provisions

§603.13   Requests for access to Records.

(a) An Individual seeking access to Records about himself/herself shall do so by appearing in person at NCPC's official place of business or by written correspondence to the NCPC Privacy Act Officer. In-person requests shall be by appointment only with the Privacy Act Officer on a Workday during regular office hours. For written requests sent via the U.S. mail, the Request shall be directed to the Privacy Act Officer at NCPC's official address listed at www.ncpc.gov. If sent via email or facsimile, the request shall be directed to the email address or facsimile number indicated on the NCPC Web site. To expedite internal handling of Privacy Act Requests, the words Privacy Act Request shall appear prominently on the envelop or the subject line of an email or facsimile cover sheet.

(b) The Request shall:

(1) State the Request is made pursuant to the Privacy Act;

(2) Describe the requested Records in sufficient detail to enable their location including, without limitation, the dates the Records were compiled and the name or identifying number of each System of Record in which they are kept as identified in the list of NCPC's SORNs published on its Web site; and

(3) State pursuant to the fee schedule in set forth in §603.17 a willingness to pay all fees associated with the Privacy Act Request or the maximum fee the Requester is willing to pay.

(c) The NCPC shall require identification as follows before releasing Records to an Individual:

(1) An Individual Requesting Privacy Act Records in person shall present a valid, photographic form of identification such as a driver's license, employee identification card, or passport that renders it possible for the PAO to verify that the Individual is the same Individual as contained in the requested Records.

(2) An Individual Requesting Privacy Act Records by mail shall state their full name, address and date of birth in their correspondence. The Request must be signed and the signature must either be notarized or submitted with a statement signed and dated as follows: I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing facts establishing my identification are true and correct.

(d) The PAO shall determine within 20 Workdays whether to grant or deny an Individual's Request for Access to the requested Record(s) and notify the Individual in writing accordingly. The PAO's response shall state his/her determination and the reasons therefor. If the Request is denied because the Record(s) is/are under the jurisdiction of the OPM, the response shall advise the Requester to contact OPM. In the case of an Adverse Determination, the written notification shall advise the Individual of his/her right to appeal the Adverse Determination in accordance with the requirements of §603.16.

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