Title 1 Part 426 → Subpart B → §426.203

Title 1 → Chapter IV → Part 426 → Subpart B → §426.203

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Title 1 Part 426 → Subpart B → §426.203

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Title 1Chapter IVPart 426Subpart B → §426.203

Title 1: General Provisions
Subpart B—Disclosure of Records and Information Under the Freedom of Information Act

§426.203   Requirements for making requests.

(a) In general. Many documents are available on the Commission's website and the Commission encourages requesters to visit the website before making a request for records pursuant to this subpart. Except for records already available on the website or subject to the FOIA exemptions and exclusions, the Commission shall promptly provide records to any person in response to a request that conforms to the rules and procedures of this section. Requesters may contact the agency's FOIA Public Liaison to discuss the records they seek and to receive assistance in describing the records.

(b) Form of request. For records not available on the website, requesters wishing to obtain information from the Commission should submit a written request to the Commission. It may be submitted by mail or via the internet (website or email). A request by mail must be addressed to: FOIA Request, National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, 2530 Crystal Drive, Suite 1000, Box No. 63, Arlington, VA 22202. As there may be delays in mail delivery, it is advisable to send the request via email to [email protected] The Commission will communicate with the requester by email unless he or she specifies otherwise. Requesters may specify the preferred form or format for the records sought, and the Commission will accommodate the request if the record is readily reproducible in that form or format.

(c) Contents of request. Requests must include the following:

(1) The requester's full name, mailing address, a telephone number at which the requester can be reached during normal business hours, and an email address for the requester, if the requester has one;

(2) A description of the records sought in enough detail to allow the records to be located with a reasonable amount of effort. To the extent possible, requesters should include specific information, such as the date, title or name, author, recipient, and subject matter of the records sought. If known, the requester must include any file designations or descriptions for the records requested;

(3) If submitting the request as an educational institution, a non-commercial scientific institution, or a representative of the news media, information to support being placed in that category of requester as they are defined in §426.210(b);

(4) A fee waiver request, if applicable (see §426.210(f));

(5) A statement explaining why expedited processing is necessary, if it is being requested (see §426.205(c)); and

(6) Where the request is making a request for records about himself or herself, verification of the individual's identity (please see the Commission's Privacy Act regulations at 1 CFR, chapter IV, part 426, subpart A).

(d) Date received. The Commission shall deem itself to have received a request on the date that it receives a request containing the information required by paragraph (c) of this section. If after receiving a request, the Commission determines that it does not reasonably describe the records sought, the agency must inform the requester what additional information is needed or why the request is otherwise insufficient. Requesters who are attempting to reformulate or modify such a request may discuss their request with the FOIA Public Liaison.