Title 1 Part 22 → Subpart A → §22.1

Title 1 → Chapter I → Subchapter E → Part 22 → Subpart A → §22.1

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Title 1 Part 22 → Subpart A → §22.1

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Title 1Chapter ISubchapter EPart 22Subpart A → §22.1

Title 1: General Provisions
Subpart A—Notices

§22.1   Name of issuing agency and subdivision.

(a) The name of the agency issuing a notice shall be placed at the beginning of the document.

(b) Whenever a specific bureau, service, or similar unit within an agency issues a notice, the name of that bureau, service, or unit shall be placed on a separate line below the name of the agency.

(c) An agency that uses file numbers, docket numbers, or similar identifying symbols shall place them in brackets immediately below the other headings required by this section.

(d) A suitable short title identifying the subject shall be provided beginning on a separate line immediately after the other required caption or captions. Whenever appropriate, an additional brief caption indicating the nature of the document shall be used.