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Title 1 Part 18 → §18.15

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Title 1Chapter ISubchapter EPart 18 → §18.15

Title 1: General Provisions

§18.15   Correction of errors in printing.

(a) Typographical or clerical errors made in the printing of the Federal Register shall be corrected by insertion of an appropriate notation or a reprinting in the Federal Register published without further agency documentation, if the Director of the Federal Register determines that—

(1) The error would tend to confuse or mislead the reader; or

(2) The error would affect text subject to codification.

(b) The issuing agency shall review published documents and notify the Office of the Federal Register of printing errors found in published documents.

(c) If the error was in the document as submitted by the agency, the issuing agency must prepare and submit for publication a correction document.

[50 FR 12468, Mar. 28, 1985]